Stronic Surf: G Spot Vibrator by Fun Factory

$290.00 AUD

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Explore your body with this ribbed G-spot vibrator. Its unique shape is designed to reach the areas you sometimes forget, like the often-neglected perineal sponge which lines the back wall with super-sensitive nerve endings. But this doesn’t take away from your favourite G-spot stimulation with its gently curved tip. Feel each stroke thanks to the 4 ripples which increase in size as you go deeper, offering a deep massage effect rather than surface-level vibrations. This toy even has hands-free thrusting, moving back and forth on its own in 10 different speeds and settings.

  • Part of the PULSATOR II line of slimmer, lighter, sleeker thrusting toys
  • Hands-free thrusting technology
  • Multiple vibration and speed functions
Neon Orange