Scandal: Over The Bed Cross: Bondage Restraints by CalExotics

$115.00 AUD

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Strap yourself into the Scandal Over the Bed Cross, for intense bondage play. With wrist and ankle straps, this toy is designed to fit every bed size, forcing your lover to lie spreadeagle and exposed to your every desire. While the cuffs are soft, the straps are strong to keep you immobolized as you wriggle and writhe under the weight of your partner. The universal clasps and rings feature a swivel design, making it easy to flip your submissive onto their front, or wherever you fancy. Adjust the straps to loosen or tighten: reward or punish.

  • Aimed at intermediate and experienced bondage play
  • Universal clasps and rings with swivel design
  • Soft, plushy wrist and ankle cuffs