Scandal: Beginners Fetish Kit by CalExotics

$55.00 AUD

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The Beginner’s Fetish Kit is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the irresistible bondage wonderland. A playful toy kit which includes two silky silicone nipple suckers, a luxury blindfold and an essential roll of bondage tape. Titillate yours or your partner's nipples with the silicone-smooth suction cups; gently pinching to stimulate this very sensitive area.

Relinquish your sense of sight with the silky-soft blindfold which will luxuriously cover your eyes as your partner acts out their wildest fetish fantasies.

Don’t forget the versatile and reusable BDSM tape, an essential for all bondage lovers, novices and experienced alike. Whether you like to be restrained or you like to dominate your partner, the tape will give you creative freedom to curate your fetish sex scene. 

  • Beginner bondage friendly
  • Silicone nipple suckers
  • Luxury blindfold
  • Bondage tape